Frozen Items

Savory  Meals

We currently are working at perfecting our savory frozen meals.  Click here to see what we have to offer....we will be adding meals frequently so be sure to come back and check them out.

Ready-to-Bake cinnamon buns and soft German style pretzels are always a great comfort food!  These all come in half dozen packages. Bake one at a time have the option.  Click here to see what we have to offer.  

Ready-to-Bake cookie dough comes in 4 different options.  All cookies come in one dozen packages.  Easy to follow baking instructions - you can bake 1 cookie at a time or all 12!  Click here to see your options for cookies.

Frozen 6" All Occasion Cakes

Our all occasion cakes are perfect for smaller gatherings or purchase one "just because"...why not!!  Most of these cakes are made in advance therefore frozen.  To thaw your cake just pop it in your fridge for a few hours.  They come in multiple flavours.  Click here to check them out.